Generate product experiences at scale

with the world's fastest supply chain
for in-home product tryouts

Offer the best brand
experience via free
3-day home tryouts


The customer puts no money down.
All they do is register a credit card.


Same day delivery and return pickup.

Trying from home made scalable

Achievable results with
just 100 units in 2 months:

Orders generated

Our circular city supply chain
distributes a single product unit
to 7 homes in a month.

Experiences created

On average 3 people try the
product per tryout order.

People reached

A positive experience leads to 17
recommendations by word-of-mouth.

No integration needed

Carry on marketing through your usual channels.
One click directs them to our whitelabel checkout.

Sell more, faster.

Grow your brand by reaching customers' hands before the competition.


through the noise


out your competition


brand advocates

We handle all the operational legwork

Delivery & Returns

We make it hassle-free for everyone involved.

Payment & Sales

The customer can choose to keep the used product or have a new one delivered when we pick up.

Customer Care

We handle all problems and cover for insurance.

How to get started

Choose the city you’d like to offer the service in and ship us your products.

1. Choose target cities

Choose which city in North America
or Europe you’d like to use our service.

2. Ship products

Just send units to one of nok’s
warehouses in the desired city.

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We’re not just redefining experiential marketing, we’re humanizing the relationship between brands and customers.

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